Senin, 02 Juli 2012

My Playlist :D
Hey, this is my playlist ! Check it out!

iTunes is on display

Spend all day makes me tired, I began to listen to the songs on the list of my songs and play my favorite songs.Super Junior.

You can see for yourself, this is their songs that I have :)

I started playing their songs on the album 05 jib, among his many songs, songs that I liked most in 05 jib is the Miracle and the Twins (Knock Out)

Then on the second album, I really like their single Don't Don, Sapphire Blue, You're My Endless Love, Marry You (this song makes me fly as if> (hope Yesung proposed to use this song!), And Hate U Love U , and She's gone.

Well, on this third album that introduced me to their >0<. When I began to hear the song "Sorry Sorry" on TV and I started to find out who sings this song and it turns out ... TADAAA! I hear the name Super Junior: D. I love to the next song is Let's Not, What If, shinning star, Then Walking and Storm(this song for some reason every time I hear it makes me cry and the love Super Junior)

This is the look of Windows Media Player

And was predictable, I also like Bonamana, Superman (expect to wait for his video> <), A-Cha, No Other, Mr.Simple, coagulation, Boom Boom (unfortunately there is no video of this song T__T), A Short Journey, Memories, A Day and songs such as Perfection in SuJu M and Super Girl ^ ^. Moreover, their new song, the Opera, Way, Sexy, Free & Single (I'm really looking forward to the video!)

Don't forget I also love listening to SuJu KRY song :) I love her second member, namely Kyuhyun and Yesung ^ 0 ^ (poor Ryeowook oppa): D. I like Just You, Let's Not, The One I Love, Fly, Snow Flower and the I Have a Love (It's a duet with Donghae oppa).

as well as their solo songs ^ ^

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